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Movie Ended!
Friday, Sep 28 2007, 09:35 PM
Haiz... usually Friday I will be very happy, because the next day no need work, but today is a bit different, I am very sad. One of my best friends (also is my colleague) is resigned and today is his last day.

His leaving has taken many thing away from me. The movie also will be ended. We used to work together and help each other during working hours. He has taught me many thing during these 2 years such as driving skills, communication skills, latest technology and many many. We like to take fresh air and smoke together everyday after lunch.

We also always net send during working hours. Without net send, my life in office will become very boring... haiz... But the most interesting is we like to assign funny nicknames for the staffs in our company. With these nicknames, we always imagine our office life like movie. Everyone has their own character. It was fun!!!

Starting from next month, no one will buy me oil rice and so me anymore. No one will listen 988 with me anymore. I will be waiting for start work alone, go home alone. Everything will be changed!!!

No matter how, Edwin, I wish you all the best and THANK YOU! Without you there will no today's me.

mu starring slow mover
wo starring lee
te starring ann
ky starring magunue
be starring banana
kh starring koolman
je starring jenning
ga starring globin
an starring ndrum
mo starring bob
so starring ann2
ri starring brush teeth
ka starring asmara
kh starring electric shop
fa starring ferrari
za starring zafari
wo starring good manager
li starring m i new
wo starring red indian
ke starring ugly
kh starring kangaru
la starring x isc
la starring lorans
sh starring malu
re starring anita
mi starring pizza
ad starring funny
si starring sim city
ma starring money
go starring apple
mi starring banana gf
um starring counter 5
sh starring shino
ta starring lazy
le starring good night
so starring saruman
ed starring old man
ka starring chuan zai

New Look for
Wednesday, Sep 26 2007, 10:36 PM
Hello guys, this is my blog new look, I don't know how to design so I just use black color. Besides black color no easy dirty therefore I no need maintain it frequently.

Erm.... what else to say about this new look.. actually everything is the same la, only the layout has changed.

Please give give comment about this new layout :D

Thank you